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Carmilla Hero Guide

Must-Read Carmilla Mobile Legends Guide: Top Weapons, Combos, Skills, Emblems, Builds and Gameplay Tips

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Mobile Legends’ Carmilla was once a princess who resurrected herself as a Blood Demon with powerful Melee Attack-based vampire-like abilities. 


This Mage Hero is effective at burst damage, hunting, and ganking (surrounding and attacking an enemy along with your teammates). 

Although Carmilla starts the game with only slightly above-average Health Points and HP Regen, she’s speedy, mobile, and has great control abilities. Her HP and HP Regen will improve as you level up. 


Best of all, she can drain her target’s life force while restoring her own HP and dealing damage. These abilities make her an ideal Tank or Support hero. 



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Carmilla’s Mobile Legends Skills

Source: AFK Gaming

From series like “Vampire Academy” to the Fangs group in the “Wednesday” Netflix show, vampires are known to have cool abilities, just like Carmilla.

Vampire Pact (Passive)

While inflicting damage to opponents, Carmilla also steals 10-20 Physical & Magic Defense from them. The amount she can steal increases as Carmilla levels up. 


As Carmilla, you can only steal from 1 target every 5 seconds. She can use the stolen Physical & Magic Defense to stack up (increase) the damage she can deal out by up to 5 times. This effect will last for 5 seconds.


You can use this ability to strengthen Carmilla in Mobile Legends while weakening your opponents. 

Crimson Flower

Flowers are lovely, but when you’re given “flowers” by Carmilla, please beware! This vampire can summon 2 Crimson Flowers that twirl around herself for 5 seconds.


The Crimson Flowers inflict Magic Damage that increases along with your level – from 120 > 150 > 180 > 210 > 240 > 270 + 50% Total Magic Power. 


These flowers will also slow down your opponents by 30%. Whenever your opponents are affected by this, Carmilla’s Crimson Flowers’ spinning speed will quicken for 0.8 seconds.

With each successful attack, Carmilla will also recover 60 > 75 > 90 > 105 > 120 > 135 HP (your HP increases more per level) + 25% Total Magic Power. However, if you’re targeting a minion, you’ll only be able to restore 30% of this amount.

Bloodbath Energy

Carmilla’s Bloodbath Energy increases her Movement Speed by 60% (although it decays quickly in 3.5 seconds).


You can inflict from 150 Magic Damage > 180 > 210 > 240 > 270 > 300 (the higher your level is, the more damage you can deal out). You’ll also gain +120% Total Magic Power with every successful Bloodbath attack, and your target will be stunned for 0.75 seconds.


Every time you level up, you can continue improving your damage and stunning time for Carmilla’s Bloodbath Energy.

Curse of Blood (Carmilla’s Ultimate)

Target a specific location when you cast Curse of Blood. Carmilla would then unleash a cursed blade at that location. 


Besides causing a 275 > 400 > 525 Magic Damage + 160% Total Magic Power to enemies, this ability will also slow down the first opponent hit by 90% for 5 seconds. However, its slow-down effects will decay to 30% in 3 seconds. 


Best of all, the curse will spread from your first affected enemy to a maximum of 2 other opponents that are nearby. 


As long as 1 enemy is affected by the Curse of Blood, the target’s 2 other teammates will also sustain damage and Crowd Control effects (CC). The damage inflicted on your target’s 2 teammates decreases to 70% while their CC duration is lowered to 50%. 


There’s just a slight disadvantage to skill. You are unable to use Curse of Blood on Minions and Monsters. However, it’s no biggie. You can blast ‘em off with Carmilla’s other attack abilities!


BONUS TIP: Use Curse of Blood to take down your enemies’ highest damage dealer quickly. This will give your team an early advantage!

Most Effective Emblems for Carmilla

Tank Emblem

Believe it or not, an aristocratic beauty like Mobile Legends’ Carmilla can be an effective Semi-Tank or even a Full Tank! She has great Melee Attack abilities and her HP and HP Regen will benefit from the bonuses provided by the Tank Emblem.


Get additional HP and cooldown (CD) reduction as you level up. Choose from 6 Talents in this emblem set: including Vitality, Firmness, Shield, Inspire, Fortress, and Purity.


1st tier: When Carmilla reaches the first tier, she can use the Vitality talent. As Carmilla has to deal out Melee Attack damage up close, this talent will give her additional HP.


2nd tier: Carmilla should pick the Inspire talent when you reach the second tier. Inspire provides an extra cooldown reduction effect to Carmilla so she can use her skills more quickly during CD. 


3rd tier: Upon reaching the third tier, you can select the Concussive Blast talent to give Carmilla additional Magical Defense after she unleashes her Basic Attack.

Support Emblem

This emblem enhances Carmilla’s already-impressive Support abilities. You can spend Talent Points to reduce Cooldown (CD) duration and increase her Magic Life Steal abilities.

The Support emblem can also help you increase Carmilla’s Crowd Control (CC) strength and duration. You can hinder enemies’ movements for a far longer duration so your teammates can finish ‘em off.

The Best Spells for Carmilla in Mobile Legends


Just like fellow hero Beatrix, who doesn’t have extraordinary HP or HP Regeneration rates as well, Carmilla can quickly escape from losing battles to recover her Health. 


You don’t have to be a Tank to dominate games, so use the Flicker spell strategy whenever you’re dealt heavy damage or ganked.


The Flicker spell speeds Carmilla instantly away in your target direction. Recover, reposition yourself, and rejoin team fights!


By the way, if your opponents are losing the battle, you can also use Flicker to chase ‘em down and finish ‘em off!

Cooldown time: 90 seconds

Unlock this when you reach Level 15


Have you watched The Batman movie? In the film, the Dark Knight calls himself, “I am Vengeance.” Meanwhile in Mobile Legends, you can channel the same vibes by using the Battle Spell Vengeance.

Once you cast this spell, for the following 3 seconds, every time Carmilla gets attacked and receives damage from an enemy, that particular opponent takes 40% of that attack as Magic Damage. 

You’ll also gain a 35% Damage Reduction temporarily when you cast this spell. How cool is that, yo?

Just level up as fast as you can, and soon, by Level 23, you’ll be able to select and use this spell! Trust us, time flies, and most gamers can reach Level 23 easily.

Cooldown: 75 seconds
Unlock this when you reach Level 23

Most Effective Carmilla Mobile Legends Builds

Source: VC Gamers

Tank Build

To increase Carmilla’s durability and ability to absorb damage, you should equip her with items such as the Oracle, Thunder Belt, and Immortality.


The Oracle increases Carmilla’s maximum HP, Magic Resist and Cooldown Reduction (CDR). Her HP regeneration rate also speeds up by 25%. So you can keep Carmilla alive longer, continue battling your enemies, and absorb damage while your teammates help you destroy your enemies!


Using the Thunder Belt benefits Carmilla in a similar way, and it also grants her the ability to stun enemies for a few seconds. 


The Immortality item offers similar bonus HP and HP regen perks to Carmilla. Additionally, it also protects Carmilla from crowd control effects that are cast by enemies.


The Guardian Helmet is able to increase the lifespan of Carmilla, as it gives her more health and also 2.5% health regeneration to make her more sustainable on the battlefield.

Support Build

In Mobile Legends, Carmilla can assist her team as a Support by equipping herself with these items:

  • Tough/Warrior boots: Carmilla works better with tough boots as they increase magic resistance by 22 and remove crowd control time by 30% allowing her to escape any cc from the enemy heroes such as diggie.


  • Athena’s Shield: Having Athena Shield will give Carmilla extra HP making her more durable in team fights. This shield reduces her magic damage taken by 25% for 5 seconds.


  • Dominance Ice: This item is essential for Carmilla as it gives her 10% cooldown on her abilities. The passive for the ability is being able to reduce attack speed, shield and healing from enemies within range.


  • Radiant Armor: This item is perfect for the tank build as it gives magic reduction of 3-10 which can be stacked up till 6 times. The longer exposure time damaged from Carmilla the better as it reduced the damage received.


  • Cursed Helmet: The cursed helmet elevates Carmilla’s attacking abilities, dealing continuous damage to enemies surrounding her, stealing their defensive stats.


  • Immortality: Having this as a last item build puts the cherry on top as it gives Carmilla a second chance on the battlefield while also increasing her max HP and magic resistance.

Top Counters and Synergies for Carmilla

The most dangerous counters against Carmilla in Mobile Legends

  1. Karrie

    Karrie, a hypercarry marksman is a dangerous counter to Carmilla as she can easily burn through Carmilla’s armor. Her burst type nature enables her to easily destroy the armor of opponents making her the extremely strong in picking enemies one by one. 

    Her first skill spinning light wheel will is an AOE ability that will deal damage and slow enemies when hit, it’s long range also makes it a perfect finisher ability to pick and chase down enemies. 

    Going with an tank build with Carmilla will make it easier to deal with Karrie as it gives Carmilla a better chance of surviving from the constant burst attacks.

  2. Aurora

    Aurora is an ice magician with strong crowd control ability that enables her to freeze enemies and also deal high damage. Her first skill frost shock and ultimate cold destruction are both AOE abilities that will be difficult to deal with. 

    Since Carmilla is a melee hero with abilities that are closed range, Aurora has all the advantage to slow and damage Carmilla from a distance. It is important to build items that can provide high magic resistance such as athena’s shield. Building crowd control items such as purify can also help, although it might jeopardize the full build of Carmilla.

  3. Pharsa

    Pharsa is a mage that can stun, and damage from a distance. She possesses very high mobility along with the high range of deadly damage, she is able to nuke enemy from a distance. 

    Her first ability, allows her move around the terrain with ease, coupled with her 2nd skill that enables her to deal damage in a straight line, harressing heroes in her lane. Finally, her ultimate similar to Aurora, deals a large AOE magic damage which can be cast from a distance, giving her opportunity to deal tons of damage from a distance.

    Having Pharsa as an opponent can cause be a struggle for Carmilla, as the crowd control abilities and range attacks may cause her to be more passive.

Synergy Heroes who are perfect as Carmilla’s teammates!

  1. Odette

    A mage class hero with skills that have large AOE attacks with also the ability to poke opponents from range, Odette is one of the great champions paired with Carmilla. Odette’s kit is highly dependent on her teammates picks and if properly synergized, can be an unstoppable force on the field. 


    Carmilla’s ultimate (curse of blood), increase and amplifies CC and damage to the targeted opponent that is linked. This skill is extremely useful when paired with allies that have great AOE and burst skills. Having Odette’s ultimate, Swan Song, which is a large AOE burst damage paired with Carmilla’s ultimate can increase the damage percentage by 200%, leading to multiple kills.

  2. Cecillion

    Cecilion in the lore is Carmilla’s love partner, hence it comes to no surprised that they have good synergy in their gameplay. Cecilion is a mage that is slow at the start but turns into a monster during the late game phase. One of the main reasons why Cecilion and Carmilla have good chemistry is their additional skill which is Moonlight Waltz.

    Whenever Cecilion is nearby, Carmilla can be transformed in a shadow gaining +40 shield per level which is control by him. Carmilla then has the ability to pop out at a targeted location, whereby she gains the same amount of shield and while also dealing AOE damage that slows the enemy within the area.

Gameplay Tips for Carmilla

  1. You gotta play aggressively as Carmilla in Mobile Legends because she has powerful Melee Attacks. Use her abilities to destroy your enemies as soon as possible and dominate the battlefield.

  2. Stay alert and be aware of the surrounding area. It’s important that Carmilla avoids your enemies’ crowd control attacks. You’d be unable to get close enough to deal out devastating damages to your opponents if their CC disrupts Carmilla.

  3. Communicate with your teammates. Coordinate with heroes that have great Crowd Control powers. They can distract the enemies from a distance while Carmilla unleashes her close-range Melee Attacks.

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