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Beatrix Mobile Legends

Ultimate Beatrix Mobile Legends Guide: Top Weapons, Combos, Skills, Emblems, Builds and Gameplay Tips

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Good news for all the fans of Mobile Legends’ Beatrix! You’re gonna loveeee playing as this versatile Marksman and Mechanical Genius who can carry 2 weapons at the same time.

You’ll soon understand why it’s super fun to play as Beatrix!

She has 4 available guns to choose from (each of them features a different Basic Attack). So pick your 2 weapons wisely.

As Beatrix in Mobile Legends, you can combine different weapon combos and gameplay strategies to confuse enemies – from a long-range sniper rifle to a close-range shotgun.

Beatrix’s Mobile Legends Weapons

Inflict high damage using her Weapon Ultimates!


Beatrix’s Renner sniper rifle has a Longshot feature.

The Longshot allows Beatrix to fire a single powerful blast. It deals an extremely high Physical Damage of 225 + 450% Total Physical Attack to her first target hit.

However, opponents can block or dodge this shot. So choose your targets well.

Ultimate: Renner’s Apathy

Beatrix uses Renner to unleash this Ultimate Skill at her target. This Ultimate Skill deals 700 Physical Damage + 250% Total Physical Attack to the first enemy that Beatrix strikes. She will also gain a 50% Physical Lifesteal and will not be affected by Spell Vamp.

BONUS TIP: For the Renner rifle’s Longshot, you can target a specific enemy manually while playing as Beatrix in Mobile Legends. Just select Lock-on Aim on your Controls Settings.


Pick a target who is too busy battling your teammate and fire the Longshot. The distracted enemy probably won’t see your Ultimate coming.


Then… without warning… your shot suddenly slams into your enemy. Bullseye!


Beatrix has a Bennett grenade launcher that inflicts projectile firing and Area of Effect (AoE) damage.

It features Area Bombing, which can bombard locations filled with enemies.

Bennet inflicts 120 Physical Damage + 240% Total Physical Attack to all enemies in a targeted area and

Beatrix has a Bennett grenade launcher that inflicts projectile firing and Area of Effect (AoE) damage. 


It features Area Bombing, which can bombard locations filled with enemies. 

Bennet inflicts 120 Physical Damage + 240% Total Physical Attack to all enemies in a targeted area and slows them down by 30% for 0.5 seconds.

Ultimate: Bennett’s Rage.

Use Bennet to deal out 120 Physical Damage + 240% Total Physical Attack on all enemies in a targeted area. It also slows them down by 30% for 0.5 seconds.


Beatrix’s Wesker shotgun can hit multiple enemies at once as it fires in a close-range fan-shaped area.

It has Proximity Advantage, where you can fire five shots at your targetted enemy.


Each shot deals out 75 Physical Damage + 150% Total Physical Attack.


The damage dealt on targets that are hit multiple times will decay to 60%.

Ultimate: Wesker’s Elation


Beatrix’s Wesker deals out 295 Physical Damage +110% Total Physical Attack each time she hits a target.


The damage of successive hits on the same enemy decays by 25%, but it won’t fall any lower than 25% base damage. Beatrix also receives a 50% Physical Lifesteal and she won’t be affected by Spell Vamp.


Like using machine guns to fire away non-stop at enemies? 


Then Mobile Legends’ Beatrix could be your fave character!

Her Nibiru machine gun features Rapid Fire, which unleashes 4 shots at once.

Every shot deals out 26 Physical Damage + 52% Total Physical Attack on your target.

Nibiru is also a convenient weapon to have because it’s the only one of Beatrix’s guns with auto-aim.


Rat-tat-tat away!

Ultimate: Nibiru’s Passion

When you use Nibiru’s passion, Beatrix can fire a six-shot volley at her enemies. Every hit deals out 225 Physical Damage + 60% Total Physical Attack.


By using this skill, Beatrix will gain a 25% Physical Lifesteal. She will also not be affected by Spell Vamp.

Bonus tips to get the best out of Beatrix’s guns

  • All of Beatrix’s Basic Attacks only deal 60% damage to minions and monsters
  • Turn Beatrix’s disadvantage into a strength: Although Beatrix is unable to inflict critical hits (crit), she can convert every 1% of Critical Chance gained into 1 Physical Attack. 

So keep launching Physical Attacks to reduce enemies’ Health Points! 

  • Wanna change your 2 current guns during a game? Use Beatrix’s “Need Backup” ability


When Beatrix isn’t involved in combat for at least 3 seconds, she can summon her butler, Morgan, to bring her a Back-up Weapons Crate. You can select 2 new weapons from the crate as your primary and secondary guns.  


See? Beatrix is a versatile Marksman with a helpful butler, yo! Morgan is like Betrix’s MVP.

Warning: If you perform any action halfway through this process or are under the influence of enemy control effects (CC), your weapon selection will be interrupted.

Enhance Beatrix’s Mobile Legends Skills

Source: Jatim Network

Skill 1: Masterful Gunner

As Beatrix can carry two weapons at once, she can increase her Physical Attack by 5 every time she levels up. you’ll eventually have a total of +30 Physical Atack when you reach your max level.


As she levels up, Beatrix takes increasingly less time to swap weapons from 1 second > 0.9s > 0.8s > 0.7s > 0.6s > 0.5s.


Skill 2: Tactical Reposition

Beatrix will fully reload her current weapon while sliding forward. Now you can attack from different positions! Make your enemies blur-blur and confused!


As your level rises, your cooldown time will decrease from 8.0 seconds > 7.6s > 7.2s > 6.8s > 6.4s > 6.0s.

Top Beatrix Emblem Sets

As Beatrix in Mobile Legends, you start playing with 2 Emblem Sets. You can unlock more Emblem Sets when you reach Level 10.


We highly recommend that you equip Beatrix with the Marksman and Assassin Emblem.

Marksman Emblem

This Emblem gives Beatrix:

  • +50 Physical Attack
  • +9.5% Attack Speed
  • +9 Physical Penetration (Physical PEN) 
  • +9% Physical Lifesteal
  • +9% Critical Chance

It also benefits Beatrix’s Talents and Subtalents:


  • Weapon Master: +50% Physical Attack from Items
  • Electro Flash: +40% to Beatrix’s Movement Speed for 1.5 seconds, grants HP that is equal to 30% of Beatrix’s Physical Attack, and only requires a 10-second Cooldown.
  • Weakness Finder: Beatrix’s Basic Attack has a 20% chance of slowing down her target by 90%. It also lowers her Attack Speed by 50%.
  • Bravery: +9 Physical Attack
  • Greed: +1.5% / +3.5% and +5% Physical Lifesteal
  • Fatal: +1.2% Critical Chance each time you level up
  • Doom: +9.5% Critical Damage per level
  • Agility: +2% Movement Speed per level
  • Attack: +1.5% / +3% / +5% Attack Speed

Assassin Emblem


This Emblem gives Beatrix:

  • +13.5 Physical PEN
  • +15 Physical Attack
  • +3.5% Critical Chance
  • +5% Cooldown (CD) Reduction
  • +2% Movement Speed

More enhancements for Beatrix’s Talents and Subtalents!


  • Bounty Hunter: Each time you defeat an opponent, you’ll get an extra 30% of your enemy’s gold.
  • High and Dry: +6% Hero’s Damage on your target if the enemy’s teammates are far away.
  • Killing Spree: Every enemy you defeat gives you 15% of HP and raises your Movement Speed by 20% for 5 seconds.


  • Bravery: +4 Physical Attack per level
  • Mastery: +1.5% / +3% / +5% Cooldown (CD) Reduction
  • Agility: +2% Movement Speed per level
  • Invasion: +2 Physical Penetration (PEN) per level
  • Fatal: +1.2% Critical Chance per level
  • Bloodthirst: +1.5% / + 3% / +5% Spell Vamp

Effective Spells for Beatrix in Mobile Legends

Remember this saying from your Grandpa or school teacher? “He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day.” Turns out they were right after all! Follow their advice and equip Beatrix with one of these spells before a match! Flicker Use Flicker to escape combat when your HP is low. This spell instantly moves Beatrix a specific distance away in your target direction (blink).  While using this spell, you’ll also gain 5 extra Physical Damage and Magic defence for 1 second.
Cooldown time: 90 seconds
Unlock this when you reach Level 15
  Purify When an opponent casts Crowd Control (CC) on Beatrix, use purify to remove effects like stun, slow, etc. You’ll gain control immunity and a 15% Movement Speed increase for 1.2 seconds.
Cooldown time: 90 seconds
Unlock this when you reach Level 14

Need other spells to enhance Beatrix’s guns?

Find out more in our weapon combos section below!

Top Beatrix Mobile Legends Weapon Combos

Renner + Bennett

Here’s a great combo for pokes and preventing ganks. Poke enemies by reducing their Health Points safely from a distance using the Renner sniper riffle.  


If you sense that the other team is planning to gank you, prevent such situations by bombarding the area with your Bennet grenade launcher and escape.  


Equip the Execute spell to increase True Damage for all Beatrix’s guns.

Wesker + Nibiru

This weapon combo is for farming. Beatrix’s Wesker shotgun will blast away minion waves and creeps. Meanwhile, the multipurpose Nibiru machine gun will help you out in any team fight.


 Equip Beatrix with the Inspire spell. 

Then your Nibiru machine gun will have an even faster total attack!

Top Beatrix Mobile Legends Builds

Source: One ESports

OHEB Beatrix Build

At the M3 World Championship, Kiel “OHEB” Soriano from Blacklist International used this Beatrix Mobile Legends build to win almost all his matches.


This was his chosen Build for Beatrix: 



  • Mechanical Genius: Swap between 2 weapons quickly to launch different Attacks!

Recommended Items

  • Blade of Despair: This was OHEB’s most-used item. Every shot from any of her 4 weapons would inflict an additional 160 Physical Damage.
  • Warrior Boots: Bless this item on one of your team’s roaming skills. Your teammate with the lowest Gold and EXP will receive extra money and experience.

  • Demon Hunter Sword: This item inflicts 9% of your enemy’s current HP as additional Physical Damage. Every Basic Attack also gives Beatrix a 3% Physical Lifesteal for 3 seconds. 

  • Brute Force Breastplate: Increase your movement speed by 2% and defence by 4% for each basic attack or skill cast. 

OHEB also uses the Athena’s Shield instead if the enemy deals out higher Magic Damage. This shield reduces all Magic Damage by 25% within 4 seconds.


  • Immortality: Died in battle? Chill out. In Mobile Legends, Beatrix can be resurrected 2.5 seconds upon death with a 16% Max HP and a 220-1,200 shield that lasts for 3 seconds.

Recommended Spell

  • Flicker: This gives you extra mobility. Whenever OHEB is pinned down by enemies, he can escape using Flicker.

Emblem Option

  • Killing Spree: Beatrix receives extra movement speed and health with each kill. 

Jungler Build

If you like lurking in the jungle to kill monsters and creeps, as well as farm gold, Beatrix is a suitable Marksman for this build!



  • Both Masterful Gunner and Tactical Reposition skills are suitable for the Jungler build. Befuddle monsters and creeps by quickly repositioning yourself via Tactical Reposition, or destroy them quickly with your Masterful Gunner fast gun-swapping skill. 

Recommended Items

  • Raptor Machete: +30 to your Physical Attack, +15 Physical PEN and +50 Monster Damage (suitable for efficient monster-killing).
  • Beast Killer: +20 Physical and Magical defence, as well as +50 Monster Damage


  • Star Shard: +30 Magic Power, +15 Magic Lifesteal, +3 Mana Regen and +50 Monster Damage 

Emblem Option

  • Assassin Emblem: This is suitable for jugglers as it improves Beatrix’s Penetration stat, Physical Attack, Critical Chance, Cooldown Duration (CD) and Movement Speed.

Tank Build (not a good idea for Beatrix in Mobile Legends)

As Beatrix can move quickly and deal out high close and ranged damages, her abilities would be wasted as a Tank. Besides, she only has a moderate 2,550 HP and a 7.2 HP Regen when starting out.


Prefer playing a Tank? Try selecting heroes with high HPs and HP Regen such as Akai and Hylos. We’ll reveal more about them in our future Hero Guides. Stay tuned!

Top Counters and Synergies for Beatrix


These Heroes can counter Beatrix. Beware of them!

  • Chou
Martial arts master, Chou, can use his The Way of the Dragon ability to kick and immobilise Beatrix for a few seconds.  He can also switch to the Jeet Kune Do-Shunpo combo to attack Beatrix. So it’s better to be careful lah if you’re playing against Chou as he has high damage and defence rates.   
  • Natalia
If you see Natalia on the other team’s list, stay cautious. Natalia’s Assassin Instinct Passive enables her to be invisible.  In invisible mode, Natalia can creep up on Beatrix and other characters as she won’t be seen on the mini-map. Then she can destroy them instantly.  Although Natalia can only remain invisible for a few seconds, you should be alert at all times.  
  • Saber
Saber is an Assassin who can destroy opponents easily. By using his Triple Sweet Ultimate, Saber can knock his target airborne before dealing out lots of damage. With Saber’s Dash skill, he can chase Beatrix down easily – even when she’s using Flicker or other mobility enhancement spells.

Embrace these Synergy Heroes as Beatrix’s teammates!

  • Aurora
Aurora is a Mage that can freeze and make her targets immobile temporarily. Beatrix can then use her powerful attacks to destroy the opponent. She is the ideal Support for Beatrix.   
  • Diggie
Diggie can cast Crowd Control (CC) effects and free Beatrix from enemies’ CC. If Beatrix is hit with CCs such as Slow, Stun, Immobilise and more, Diggie can release her from the effects.  
  • Tigreal
As a Tank hero who can absorb lots of damage, most enemies would likely attack Tigreal during combat. Tigreal can also immobilize and stun enemies.  While your enemies are occupied with taking down Tigreal, use Beatrix’s powerful attacks to destroy ‘em!

Gameplay Tips to Become a Beatrix Pro

  1. Always use Beatrix’s Mobile Legends Ultimates! Beatrix’s Ultimates have short cooldowns, so you should use them whenever you have the chance. Keep using Ultimates to harass enemies.

  2. Understand how to use Beatrix’s weapons 
    Beatrix has a diverse range of weapons. Every gun serves a different function.

    Planning to hit your target from a distance? Then snipe away with the Renner sniper rifle!  

    Want to lower the enemies’ Health Points before you even meet and battle? Use Beatrix’s Bennett grenade launcher to attack them early. 

    Prefer close-range battles? Blast your enemies away with the Wesker shotgun. You should also use this shotgun in duels against melee heroes.

    Other than that, do remember that her Nibiru machine gun is a multipurpose weapon. You can use Nibiru in any kind of battle since it deals high damage and has a short reload time.

  3. Remember your weapon icons
    Swapping weapons during combat can help you make the most of Beatrix’s Mobile Legends abilities. So remembering your weapons’ icons makes you a more efficient and versatile player. You’ll spend less time looking at the icons while swapping weapons.
Renner : Green
Bennet: Red
Wesker: Yellow
Nibiru: Purple

Stay Tuned for More Hero Guides!

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